Stories, stories, stories and fabulous writing…

Childhood memories, rites of passage, acts of rebellion and, of course, football, were amongst the topics explored in today’s storytelling and writing session.

Workshop 15th August

This photo was taken at the end of the meeting and they’re absolutely worn out!

The mini-memoirs, produced in only ten minutes, were superb.  Paul and Kathy joined us for the first time today and we’re delighted they came.

Paul recounted that confusing time in childhood when routine is broken to start school. He captured sibling conversations beautifully. Paul is skilful at creating strong voices which build a moving narrative.

Kathy wrote about a child’s unique take on the world, a forward roll and an unexpected twist (in the tale – not Kathy who performed said forward roll)! Kathy’s manipulation of structure kept us enthralled.

Gordon gave us that moment when GTFC embraced him, and he embraced ‘ the Town’ right back, experiencing that sense of belonging which he’s never lost. Many footie chants followed!

Pat claims she isn’t a poet, but her writing today was beautifully strong and lyrical. She took us across moonlit waters to Newcastle, where she reclaimed her sense of womanhood. This involved a sundress, a blizzard and the strength of northern women! Pat showed us what good writing can do – show us the emotion, rather than telling us.

And that’s all you’re getting from me about these stories because I’m going to be nagging  folks (and I’m not above begging them) to type these drafts up for posting in the stories section of the website.

Pat and Paul have shared honest and moving memories and they’re part of the story trail on Freeman Street Market. Gordon has a story there about a childhood experience that could only happen in Grimsby! Pop along and take a look on Saturday.


The East Marsh is Alive with Your Stories

And we’re loving them!

If you were on the market when we launched the Sun and Moon Festival on May 18th, you may well have been snaffled by me (Carolyn) or Gordon to tell us your stories of the East Marsh.

Lots of people, who were just going about their everyday business, talked to us and we felt humbled and grateful that folks were so willing to stop, chat and share. But that sums up East Marshians: big-hearted with a deep affection for the Marsh, its people, its history and its future.

Some of these stories will be on display on the Freeman Street Market this Saturday, to coincide with Vivienne and Rachel’s Makers’ Day.

So, in-between making your suns, moons and stars with Vivienne and Rachel, stretch your legs and have a read.

Then, come and tell me/write down your own memories/stories of the area – I’ll be in the courtyard.

Hope to see you there.




Doing not Raging

Saturday 3rd of August 2019.

The day the Granachists swooped into action; Singing and cleaning up and down Rutland Street.

They have started to decorate the boards on broken windows and doors as a way of gentle activism against the rogue landlords.  Landlords who don’t live in the area and don’t care whats happening to the community.

East Marsh United are taking action, not waiting for others to do the right thing.

They are Doing not Raging.  They are an inspiration to all.

Vivienne May

Welcome to the East Marshian Sun & Moon Community Arts Festival

“…I do not want art for a few; any more than education for a few; or freedom for a few… With the arrogance of youth, I determined to do no less than to transform the world with Beauty. ”  (William Morris)

East Marsh United have been awarded £200,000 from Creative Civic Change to spend on arts across the East Marsh for the next three years. Read more about what we’re up to on our ‘About’ page – for now, here’s a lovely video capturing the joy of our Launch a few weeks ago on Freeman Street Market…

Come & Join us – complete this quick signup form: